Walking Through New Orleans

Me in my polka-dot dress, posed in front of a cute purple house in the Vieux Carré. French Quarter, New Orleans.

As an #urbanophile born in Southern Louisiana, it’s easy to assume I have a great love for the #BigEasy, “Nawlins” as they call it. My love only grew deeper after taking Louisiana History at uni. Any chance I can get to go walk the old town feel of the French Quarter, the Vieux Carré as it’s called, I take it. History runs deep through the old streets and historic structures that still exist and operate today. Locals, Cajuns, and many other Louisianians alike believe that much of New Orleans is haunted, that spirits still roam the streets today. After all, the infamous voodoo priestess Marie LaVeau practiced her dark magic in New Orleans during the 1800s and is now buried in St. Louis Cemetery.