View of the Olde Pink House from across the street.
The historic Olde Pink House was first built in 1771 for James Habersham, Sr.

While planning a trip to Savannah, I had asked around for restaurant recommendations and this was the most talked about place. We arrived right on time for our reservations and ended up having a short wait. The hostess was pleasant and energetic, and seemed to be on top of things. We were seated just inside the green dining room to the left. I was a little disappointed that the fireplace in our dining room wasn’t lit as it was a much larger room. The small blue dining room across the hall was smaller and had the fireplace lit. My feet ended up getting cold with the door opening and closing to a 40˚ night. It would’ve been a more complete experience to have the fire lit in our dining room for us and the 2 other families in there with us.

Chandelier hanging in front of a green fireplace in the dark green room.
The fireplace burning during the daytime in the room we had dinner in a few nights before.

I tried the house the drink, the Olde Pink House Pink Lady. Our sweet server Stephanie warned me that the drink would be very sweet, and it was. I’m a Moscato drinker, but this was still a little too sweet for me. This would be a great choice for those who don’t drink much and don’t like the taste of alcohol because of how sweet it is.

I ordered the Tavern Platter which is a combination of three appetizers – the Fried Green Tomatoes, the Portabella Mushroom, and the Artichoke Fritters.

Fried Green Tomatoes – with applewood smoked bacon and sweet corn cream. This is a popular dish around town and these were good, but they didn’t come with the sweet corn cream.

Portabella Mushroom – with blue cheese and balsamic glaze. Mushroom was doused in too much balsamic.

Artichoke Fritters – with red pepper and honey mustard sauces. The artichoke fritters were cheesy and warm but didn’t come with the sauces.

I also ended up ordering a side of the Macaroni and Cheese because I love trying that at different places. It was pretty good, I’d order it again. Unfortunately, some of the things that are listed in the descriptions of what comes with the Tavern Platter didn’t come with the platter, such as the sweet corn cream with the fried green tomatoes, and the sauces that go with the artichoke fritters. I typically don’t care for any of these anyway, so it was okay. But I was a little disappointed that a $29 dish was missing a few small elements.

The Portabella Mushroom is immersed in a puddle of balsamic, and then drizzled as well so that it is a pungent balsamic shot. It was way too much. Just the drizzle over top would do because the mushroom was sopping with balsamic. The artichoke fritters were like slicing through a cheesy artichoke heart with a soft crunch. Absolutely fantastic! The Artichoke Fritters were lightly fried and had a soft crunch. When I sliced through the middle, there was a good amount of melted cheese with each flowering artichoke half. It was a really delightful dish.

Pulled Pork Sliders – appetizer with “Cheerwine” barbecue sauce, vegetable slaw, and bread and butter pickles. Since there were two, it was satisfying. They were a biscuit-sized bun.

Chef’s Fried Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese – an old recipe from the chef’s grandmother. A popular dish at the restaurant. My boyfriend Alex said it was slightly salty. But that macaroni and cheese was great.

My boyfriend Alex ordered the Chef’s Fried Chicken which is an old recipe from the chef’s grandmother. Alex said that it was a little salty for his liking but was still good that he ate all of it. He might hesitate to order it again because of that and because it seems the table next to us ordered it and their order might’ve been forgotten. The server explained that it can take 30 minutes to cook. By the time the woman’s fried chicken made it to the table, the order had been rushed and the chicken was undercooked. But the macaroni was quite good and he really enjoyed the pork sliders appetizer he ordered as well.

I’ve been trying out Bloody Marys at different places now when I travel, so of course I had to try a unique one! This is the Green Chile Bloody Mary, mixed with St. George’s Green Chile Vodka, fresh lime juice, and olive juice, topped with pickled okra. It was a delicious drink and since Savannah allows you to walk around with an open container just like in the French Quarter, I ordered one to go! It was delicious. The chili pepper-infused vodka is a nice touch!

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